Other Books By Author

Other Books By Author

The Village that Shaped Me

Growing up Acadian in rural Nova Scotia in 1950s and 1960s

We are shaped not only by genetics but also by the places and persons of our childhood. Some of our traits are passed down to our children and grandchildren. It is important to share family stories of the past in order for loved ones living in present day to gain some insight into their ancestors’ way of life. This book looks at the highs and lows of life with a focus on ways that have been forgotten. It is intended to provide today’s generation with an appreciation of a time not so long ago when persons worked very hard to provide basic needs, including food for the family. Different characters within the village are identified with short stories about their lives and their influences in raising children. Homemade remedies for health ailments are mentioned. The health care system’s undeveloped knowledge regarding a mentally challenged child within the family has an impact on the family as well as the village as old beliefs lead to negative opinions. The rule of the Roman Catholic Church, the rituals and the process of confession is outlined. The book is also meant to evoke meaningful memories of others who have lived in the same decades. Within the struggles there is joy, love and hope.

Pathway Through Loss

Finding Hope in the Dark Valleys

In life, there are numerous losses. This is the story of a young mother who faces death and is leaving her infant son behind, but not before she impacts how the living should talk about death. This is a book about the brave persons who have been willing to share their personal stories as they traveled through loss and grief. It is also the story of one special man who brought his humor along on his journey into dementia.